Lōkahi Bath Salt Blend

Mai Hawaii Aku

For centuries, Hawaiians used their pristine ocean water for spiritual cleansing and energetic re-balancing.  Although we cannot always step away from our hectic lives to jump in the ocean, we shouldn't deprive ourselves of its amazing benefits.  Lōkahi Bath Salt Blend was created for this very purpose.

Intended to bring you to a state of Lōkahi (harmonic balance), this blend reflects the highest quality.  We pride ourselves on using ingredients that are grown, harvested and produced right here in Hawaiʻi.  Each ingredient was intricately chosen for its specific benefits. No fillers!  Every package was carefully handcrafted with Aloha right here in Hawaiʻi!

Lōkahi Bath Salt Blend is made up of 100% Hawaiʻi ingredients.  We use...

    *Authentic Hawaiian ʻAlaea Sea Salt made on the island of Molokaʻi

    *Heirloom Hawaiian strains of ʻAwa (better known as Kava) grown right here in these islands.

    *Lavender oil produced from locally grown lavender.

Preparing the Bath...

*Firstly, preparation is everything!  Take your time!*

Make sure the bath tub is clean before filling it with hot water.

Lōkahi Hawaiian Bath Salt Blend can be made into 1 or two baths.

As the hot water fills the tub, add the desired amount of bath salt.  Allow the contents to be fully dissolved and absorbed into the bath.

Once the bath is ready... Immerse yourself into the bath and allow the body to relax, the mind to clear and the bath salt to do its magic!  How long you soak for is up to you! 


Type: Bath Salt